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Stencil Feature on DIY Blog Lolly Jane!

Lolly Jane bloggers sponsored by Cutting Edge Stencils at EVOStencils are so versatile and fun and no one shows it better than Kelli and Kristi, twins sisters and creators of DIY blog Lolly Jane. They recently completed a third Cutting Edge Stencils project and all three are stunning! Checkout their beautiful stenciling ideas not only for the house and home but for apartment living as well. Both Kelli and Kristi have been crafting since small children and you can tell that they are naturals at DIY decorating. Not only that but they do a wonderful job sharing their projects with us. “On our blog you’ll find many projects that you ARE capable of! We try to give you as much detail as possible so you can re-create what you see. We love to decorate, design, rearrange, and fix up our spaces,” and we love to see them!

DIY Blog Post Stencils for House and Home

This feature wall by Kelli is such a great example of how a stencil can bring so much life into a home or apartment. Kelli used Cutting Edge Stencils’ Julia Allover stencil on her feature wall and it adds the perfect amount of color and pattern to the country-style space. Love this stenciling idea? To get a look similar to this feature wall by DIY blog Lolly Jane, use Benjamin Moore Creme Brulee 2022-70 as the background and Jackson Square by Sherwin-Williams as the stencil color.

DIY stenciling ideas for the house and home

These stenciled curtains were created by Kristi for her apartment. “Is it hard to commit to decorate when you know it’s not your house and you’re limited by certain boundaries, like replacing fixtures or not being able to paint the front door a fun hue? It is for me,” says Kristi. That’s what makes this stenciling project so great. It is a perfect way to add color and design your apartment without committing to any big changes. Since Cutting Edge Stencils are reusable, Kristi was able to borrow the Julia Allover stencil Kelly used for her feature wall for this project which is definitely a big money saver. Loving these stenciling ideas? Definitely check out the DIY stenciled curtains blog post at Lolly Jane blog for more details.

DIY Blog stenciling ideas for house and home

Last but not least, we have the most recent Cutting Edge Stencils project using the Abundance Allover stencil. This stenciled bathroom is stunning! For more details on how you can get this look in your home check out their full bathroom makeover tutorial.

We have loved working with Lolly Jane and appreciate the amazing work that Kelly and Kristi have done with our stencils. Thank you so much! It makes us so happy to see the great stenciling ideas that blogs have!


~Gabi and the Cutting Edge Stencils crew

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