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Steal The Look: Stenciled Home Decor

We FOUND the Look, Now YOU CREATE It!

Hellooo, DIYers! Oh boy, do we have a treat for you today! Mondays might be tough, but we’re about to soften the blow a bit by starting off your new week with this awesome stencil idea! We’ve taken a few pics from Better Homes and Gardens and Etsy, and we’re urging you to “STEAL THAT LOOK!” After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?! I guess Cutting Edge Stencils is a bad influence today, because we’re telling you how YOU can imitate the designs of these finely crafted pieces in YOUR home by using OUR stencils! Stealing isn’t ALWAYS a crime, is it?!

Stolen Item No. 1: Lemon Room

Check out this gorgeous lemon room! BH&G is singing its praises to the beautiful spring-time designs, and spring-esque colors of this fun bedroom! The flower bursts on the rug and butterflies on the decorative hanging plates can easily be replicated with a little help form our stencil patterns!

Zinnia Rug and Butterfly Decorative plates: use Cutting Edge Stencils to get the look!

Stencil Look-Alike: Zinnia Grande and Butterfly Dance

To STEAL THE LOOK of the rug, use Cutting Edge Stencils’ Zinnia Grande 3 pc Stencil Kit! This pretty kit of flower bursts offers the Zinnia in 3 differing sizes. Arranging the sizes and colors is all up to you!

To STEAL THE LOOK of the decorative plates, use our Butterfly Dance Wall Stencil! This design can be used anywhere in your home for an enchanting array of little butterflies! Paint it on your walls or home decor! You really can’t go wrong with a little butterfly magic!

Stolen Item No. 2: Zig Zag Chest

This home decorating accessory is a clutch little piece bearing oodles of design and flair! The zig zag chest was found on Etsy, but you can create the look on your own using our stencils! Ps. Zig zags are beyond “in-style” right now. They basically run the interior design world, having been spotted on walls, furniture, accent pillows, and rugs!

Steal the look: Use CEStencils' Herringbone Stencil to get the look!

Stencil Look-Alike: Herringbone Allover

To STEAL THE LOOK of this chest, use Cutting Edge StencilsHerringbone Allover Stencil! Our similar zig zag design can be used on small decor pieces or as a large print for an allover wall! Do with it as you please, and remember that our stencils can be reused easily for different projects around the house!

Stolen Look No. 3: Damask Ottoman

We found this incredibly chic foot rest on Etsy as well, but the price tag was marked $150! Wowee! Good news is that we have a similar pattern at hand for your own disposal! Damask patterns don’t have to be snooty or super elegant! When they are painted in fun and bright colors, you can dress them down for a casual burst of style!

Get the look: Anna Damask Stenciled ottoman with Cutting Edge Stencils

Stencil Look-Alike: Anna Damask

To STEAL THE LOOK of this ottoman, use Cutting Edge StencilsAnna Damask Stencil pattern! It’s almost a perfect match to the design of this upholstery! Why stop at an ottoman, though, when you can reupholster a chair, a headboard, and your kitchen stools!? Let the damask look run wild in your home! We promise you won’t regret it!

Don’t stop now!:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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