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Meet Cutting Edge Stencils’ New Stencil Patterns

We’d LOVE to Introduce you to our New Stencil Collection

Cutting Edge Stencils presents our NEWEST stencil collection!

Remember when we posted that “trend spot” blog on Faux Bois home decor, and hint-hint-hinted oh so subtly about an upcoming release of Cutting Edge Stencils’ faux bois stencils?! Well, we’ve definitely delivered—and much bigger than you expected! We couldn’t be more excited to have launched a NEW STENCIL LINE full of fun and fabulous designs that we just know you’ll adore! You can find all the new guys clumped together in our NEW STENCIL DESIGNS category on our site, but they deserve a bit more of an introduction than that!

Meet: Antico

Cutting Edge Stencils NEW Antico Wall Stencil!

The Antico Allover Wall Pattern is a Cutting Edge Stencils personal favorite! This unique design combines modern and “old world” influences to create one gorgeous beginner level stencil!




Meet: Cascade

Cutting Edge Stencils NEW Cascade Wall Stencil available on our site!

This super cool wall stencil can be fun and groovy or elegant and classy depending on the paint colors your choose! Both the small or large scale Cascade Allover Stencil Patterns are sure to spice up your walls or décor!




Meet: Charlotte

A lace look-alike, the Charlotte Allover stencil is as intricate as it is beautiful! It’d look stunning on upholstery, curtains, or as an allover wall pattern!





Meet: Chelsea

Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Art Stencil Pattern is from our NEW COLLECTION!

She’s smart, sassy and brimming with class! The ever so tasteful Chelsea Allover Wall Pattern, featuring a stylized acanthus leaf, adds a shocking amount of style to your home’s interior design!




Meet: Faux Bois

Check out Cutting Edge Stencils' NEW Faux Bois stencil pattern on our site!

We’ve already shown you the most impressive ways to faux bois your home! But, our Faux Bois Stencil Pattern makes this trend super easy for you DIYers to apply it ALLOVER without the hassle of hard-to-use tools!




Meet: Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Tiles Stencil is NEW from Cutting Edge Stencils!

What a great addition to our Moroccan Collection! The super trendy stencil, Moroccan Tiles Wall Pattern, is full of fun and versatility! Customize yours by using two different paint colors!




Meet: Sari Paisley Allover

Cutting Edge Stencils NEW stencil pattern Sari Paisley Allover!

You may recognize this pattern as our Sari Paisley Wall Art Stencil! However, we’ve transformed it into an allover pattern to convey the traditional, ethnic design we love so much literally ALL OVER your home!




Meet: Tuscan Trellis

Cutting Edge Stencils NEW Tuscan Trellis stencil pattern available now!

The Tuscan Trellis Allover Stencil is based on classic Mediterranean ironwork. This design has the potential to look super soft and smooth
when painted, despite the sharp edges of actual ironwork.




Meet: Alexa

Cutting Edge Stencils NEW stencil pattern: Alexa Allover! Puchase now!rA modern design that brings high style to any contemporary home, the Alexa Allover Wall Pattern is sure to turn heads when you have guests! Paint this pretty pattern on the floor for an awesome alternative to tile!




Meet: Camden

Camden Allover is among Cutting Edge Stencils NEWEST stencil patterns!

This gorgeous trellis wall stencil is perfect for creating a spunky, yet graceful design on your walls or maybe even on a sisal rug! The Camden Allover Stencil sure is show stopping.




Meet: Heritage Grill

NEW STENCIL: Heritage Grill Allover from Cutting Edge Stencils!

A little bit Moroccan, a little bit contemporary, the Heritage Grill Allover Stencil works beautifully on walls, curtains, floors, and everything in between. This DIY stencil is an easy way to add flair and panache to your home!




GANG’S ALL HERE! Now that we’re through with introductions, why don’t you go visit the site and get to know these stencils on a more personal level—maybe even take some home with you!

Valentine’s Stencil Sale!

Speaking of romance, we hope we haven’t distracted from your Valentine’s celebrations with our big news! But, because we’ve already made you fall in love with our new stencils, we figured we might as well play Cupid, and offer you 20% OFF SITEWIDE through 2/18/13! We know, we know, we love you too! Doesn’t this totally beat flowers and chocolate?!

20% OFF SITEWIDE!! Cutting Edge Stencils celebrates Valentine's Day!

For more info on stencils:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew



  • amanda

    What paint color were used to do the heritage grill?

  • CESteam

    You can get a similar look using the following colors!
    background: Benjamin Moore’s Horizon OC-53 in the Off Whites Collection
    stencil: Benjamin Moore’s Richmond Gold HC-41 from the Historic Collection

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