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How To Video: Stenciling A Border

Stenciling a Kitchen Border is Super Simple with Cutting Edge Stencils!

Here’s the thing. We don’t want you to be afraid of stenciling. We want you to be excited about how easy it is! We want you to pee your pants with excitement about your freshly painted designs, instead of pee your pants in fear about potentially messing up your walls! Really there is a slim chance of failing when you’ve read Cutting Edge Stencils‘ instructions, watched Cutting Edge Stencils’ how-to videos, and followed Cutting Edge Stencils’ blog! I promise stenciling is painless, but your current stencil-less home interior design is quite the contrary! So, today let’s tackle your kitchen! This how-to video on painting a stencil border in your kitchen is going to calm all your woes; we promise! Just press play, and we’ll get started!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1. Your Virginia Creeper Border Stencil (or the border/strip stencil of your choice)
2. Dense foam roller
3. Stencil brush
4. Latex/acrylic paint
5. Large styrofoam plate
6. Painters tape
7. Paper towels

Supplies needed to stencil a border with CuttingEdgeStencils

Here’s What You Do

First, make sure that the area you are stenciling is free and clear of any dirt and dust.

Place the stencil on the wall where you desire the pattern to go. Secure the stencil to the wall with a piece of painters tape on each corner of the stencil sheet.

Adhere the stencil to the wall with painters tape

Pour your latex/acrylic paint onto your styrofoam plate. To load your foam roller, roll it into the paint on the plate with short, quick motions. Make sure to use some pressure on the roller as you load the paint, so that it absorbs the paint evenly.

Get rid of any excess paint on your roller by blotting it off a on folded paper towel. Roll it back and forth a few times until the roller seems almost dry so that you don’t get any bleeding behind the stencil! The less paint you use, the better results you will get!

Offload excess paint onto a paper towel before you start painting the stencil

Roll the paint onto the stencil with your loaded roller without pressing too hard. Make sure you do not roll over the outside of the stencil product.

Use your roller to paint the stencil on the wall without too much pressure

Once you’ve finished painting the stencil sheet, slowly remove the sheet from the wall.

Then continue with the process. Since the paint dries quickly, you can immediately start stenciling the next portion of the pattern. The Virginia Creeper Border is an interlocking pattern, so it will easily line up with the previously painted portion. The leaves on the right and left side of the pattern are identical, allowing the stencil to lock into itself and continue the pattern seamlessly.

Interlock the pattern to continue painting the stencil design around the room

After stenciling a few sheets of the pattern, you will need to reload your roller with more paint. Do not put too much pressure on the roller in attempt to squeeze out the last bits of paint; this will cause bleeding behind the stencil.

Continue the process until the border is surrounding the room. The pattern should come out clean and crisp, even if you do not use spray adhesive to stick the pattern to the wall.

Finally, sit back and admire the work you’ve completed! The border stencil added such a beautiful, warm feel to the interior design of this kitchen! See, there’s no need to fear stenciling when you have Cutting Edge Stencils on your side!

Stenciling a border stencil with Cutting Edge Stencils

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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