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How To Stencil a Tropical Wall Mural

Tropical Wall Mural Step-by-step Tutorial

Welcome back, Cutting Edge Stencils DIY-ers! Take a look at this GORGEOUS stenciled tropical wall mural we created just by using wall stencils! This simple DIY stencil project is an inexpensive way to add the ultimate wow factor to a room. Large palm leaves are a tropical trend that are easily produced with our beautiful leaf stencils. Ditch the pricey wall paper with this trending tropical stencil alternative! Let’s get stenciling!

how to stencil a tropical wall mural

Introducing wall stencils to a room can be an easy way to create texture and dimension. Our stencil guru, Erika, shows us some simple DIY tips and tricks to stenciling this tropical wall mural. Take a look at this video tutorial before getting started!

The stencils used for this tropical design are the PALM FRONDS 3-PIECE WALL PATTERN KIT, BERMUDA BREEZE TROPICAL WALL PATTERN KIT, and the PALMETTO LEAF STENCIL. The metallic paints used are Modern Masters Pale Gold and Mystical Green! Spray adhesive is optional and can help with reducing paint seepage but is not necessary. Whether using spray adhesive or not, always use blue painters tape to secure the stencil to the wall.

materials needed for stencil project

Last, you’ll need a 4″ dense foam roller and a stencil brush to paint the tropical stencil! Simply load and offload the dense foam roller and be sure to cover the roller evenly.

Roll on, roll off paint on dense foam roller

If using spray adhesive mist an even coat on the back of the stencil in a well ventilated area. (You don’t want to breathe that in!) And don’t forget a few pieces of blue painters tape!

Spray adhesive to back of the stencil

Position the first tropical stencil on the wall. The beauty about this stencil project is that you can randomly place the stencils anywhere without having to worry about angle and alignment. There’s no making a mistake! Such an easy stencil project for beginners.

place stencil along the wall

Rolling wall stencils is so easy! Here, we switched back and forth from the Pale gold to Mystical Green for some great contrast! It’s so easy to mix and match your leaf stencils and paint colors to create this tropical mural wall.

Roll on paint over stencil using dense foam roller

Doesn’t this look amazing? The iridescence of the paints bring this project to the next level!

Metallic paints overlapping stencils

Continue building your tropical wall mural by alternating your stencils and colors. When overlapping stencils, you might need an extra coat of paint to cover the stencil underneath.

Begin overlapping stencils for desired wall mural look

When reaching the ceiling edge, let your stencil overlap and roll right up against the ceiling or crown molding. You can use a stencil brush to detail the edge for a crisp look!

use foam roller to roll paint up the wall to get the edges

Continue stenciling and grouping your individual tropical stencils until the entire wall is covered!

Fill in empty spaces to cover entire wall

Gently peal back your stencils to reveal your amazing DIY stenciled wall mural. We are so excited to share Erika’s Tropical Wall mural project with you! Can you believe that this was done using stencils? And in just a few hours! What a great way to save money and time, rather than spending a fortune on expensive tropical wallpaper.

Peel away the stencil and view final wall design

Tell us, which room in your home is ready for a wall mural update? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and The Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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