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How to Stencil a Sweet Honeycomb Cement Floor

A Stenciled Floor DIY Makeover

Good Afternoon Cutting Edge Stencil Fans! Happy Friday and happy Spring! It is time to begin a DIY makeover for your cement floor now that the weather is getting nice! A stenciled floor can create an amazing look to any home or even an outdoor patio perhaps! This week we chose our Honeycomb stencil for this particular project because of its sweet design! (Get it?!) This stenciled floor project is beyond easy! The only things you’ll need are some gorgeous paints and a little creative thinking! Let’s take that drab cement floor of yours and turn it into your own work of art with our Honeycomb Stencil!

Now, let’s get started! For this Cement Floor DIY Makeover we are bringing back our in-house stenciling queen, Erika! Introducing a stenciled floor to any part of your home can be an easy way to create texture and dimension to any space. Erika is here to show you how easy this Honeycomb Stencil design can be for anyone! I will go into detail of the steps and products she used below! First, take a quick peek at this video tutorial:

There were several colors chosen for this stenciled floor project. Erika began by painting over the cement floor with a base coat using custom Benjamin Moore Grey Flat. Now before going any further I need to mention that she added PIY Paint Chalk Powder to all of the paints she used on the floor. (Chalk powder helps paint bond to surfaces easier!)

For the Honeycomb stencil paints, she used Benjamin Moore Navajo White, custom Ben Blue Color, and Modern Masters Champagne (Opaque). Together these colors create a bright and inviting stenciled floor design! LOVE!

Using a Cutting Edge Stencils 1.5″ stencil brush, Erika paints the Honeycomb stencil. She applies a swirling motion over a paper towel to remove any excess paint that could leave too heavy of a coat. She then chooses each specific color at random. Trying to stick to a consistent pattern might give the floor a staged look. Be creative and don’t be afraid to have multiple whites in a clump! These colors are so gentle and the stenciled floor design is so simple that it’s impossible for it to look messy!

Then, aligning the stencil with the built in registration system, Erika can continue the pattern evenly across the entire cement floor. Using spray adhesive over the stencil before placing it on the ground ensures that the stencil will remain flat and steady! (Reduces bleeding and creates sharper lines!) She continues to paint and stencil until the cement floor DIY makeover is complete! She can finally take a breather and admire her work! How fun is this stenciled floor!?

Where would you add this stenciled floor in your home? How do you feel about these colors and would you try it yourself?! Comment below with your thoughts! Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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