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How To Stencil a Corner with Cutting Edge Stencils

Stencil Video Tutorial for Stenciling the Corners of your Room

Whether you are stenciling all four walls, or just a feature wall, it is sometimes tricky to tackle the corners of your room. And when the corners are left “untackled,” the design of the walls sometimes looks unfinished. Nobody wants unfinished walls! That’s why Cutting Edge Stencils has created a video tutorial to help better explain the process it takes to stencil corners successfully, allowing you to have a beautiful, fully stenciled and designed room! Let’s get started!

For this video, Cutting Edge Stencils’ owners, Janna and Greg, used our Diamond Damask pattern. They had one wall already painted before taping the video. If you’re a visual learner, watch below to see how the process unfolded:

Step-By-Step DIY Painting Process

Once you get to the corner, gently bend the stencil so that it fits nicely in the crease of the two walls, making sure the pattern lines up with your previously stenciled design. Cutting Edge Stencils are durable enough to withstand many uses, but are also flexible enough to be bent and creased.

It is best to tape and stencil ONE WALL AT  A TIME. Secure half of the stencil in place with tape, while leaving the other half unattached to the wall.

Step-by-step tutorial on stenciling corners with Cutting Edge Stencils

Load your dense foam roller with paint, and offload the excess paint onto a paper towel. Roll the paint onto the stencil, and directly into the corner crease.

Use your stencil brush to get the paint into the hard to reach space where the two walls meet. **After loading the brush with paint, be sure to offload the excess onto a paper towel.

Pounce the corner section with your brush, using a straight up-and-down motion. This technique will help to fill in the detail of the pattern evenly.

Stenciling corners with Cutting Edge Stencils' Diamond Damask design

When moving on to the other side of the corner, you should first remove the tape from the previously painted side, and fasten on your clip on level to the top of the stencil.

Align the stencil so that it matches up with the previously painted pattern, and so that the bubble of the level is in the center. Then adhere the stencil to the wall with painters tape, leaving the opposite side of the stencil untaped.

How-to stencil a corner with Cutting Edge Stencils' Diamond Damask design

Reload your roller, and paint over the stencil pattern on the opposing side just as you had on the other wall.

**It is OK if the untaped part of the stencil doesn’t line up perfectly with the pattern, because some corners are not structurally perfect. That is why it is important to stencil one wall at a time!

Then repeat the process of detailing the corner with your stencil brush. And when that’s finished, slowly remove the stencil from the wall to reveal your conquered corner!

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Thanks for reading and watching! Happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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