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How To Include Earthy Tones To A Stenciled Tile Project

Using Earthy Tones for Your Spring Stencil Project

Welcome back Cutting Edge Stencil friends! Happy Friday! As the weather warms up, you are going to want to begin your Spring stencil projects as soon as possible! Yes, we know Stenciled Tiles are the biggest craze right now! So with that in mind, we are going to show you how to include trendy Earthy Tones to your next stenciled tiles project for Spring! Painting with Earthy Tones is a subtle yet crafty way to incorporate that outdoorsy feel into your home. Who doesn’t love the beautiful colors of nature?! Let’s take a look into how easy painting your next Spring Stencil Project with Earthy Tones can be!

As always, our crafty team member Erika is here to show us the proper technique to getting that perfect look! By choosing an intricate stencil and specific colors, she designs the stenciled tiles with Spring in mind. Below, I will go over the tools needed to complete this project, as well as the stencil(which can be found through Cutting Edge Stencils) and the specific colors being used! Now, let’s get started!

Erika began her project using a darker base coat for the floor. She found the amazing Brown Horse by Benjamin Moore. She chose this one, not only because it looks gorgeous on its own, but it matches easily with other colors. Once dried, the fun can begin!! Erika chose the Penelope Tile Stencil Pattern. Our Penelope Tile stencil pattern is a perfect money saving alternative to the popular but pricey cement tiles. You can stencil right over your old dated tile floor or an ugly linoleum!

Using a 2″ dense foam roller, she applies a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Navajo white to the center of the stencil as well as the outside corners. The Navajo White balances out the darker tones used for the base coat! Don’t forget, applying a thin layer ensures quicker drying time! Pro Tip: After applying paint to the foam roller, roll it over a paper towel to get rid of unnecessary excess paint that can cause bleeding! 

For the border design around the center, Erika decided to add a pop of color using a custom teal color by Benjamin Moore. You can use any green or blue earthy tones that you feel match your home or bring this to your local hardware store and have them match it for you! To apply paint on such a small border, she used a stencil brush rather than the foam roller!  Using the swirling motion, she is able to reach every crevice of the stencil. (Remember: Less paint, less bleeding!)

After the stencil is completely painted over, Erika peeled back the Penelope Tile Stencil Pattern to admire her painted stenciled tiles! We are completely obsessed with the color combos chosen in this project and we are officially ready to welcome Spring into our homes! Add a few plants and some greenery to the space and VOILA! You have just created your very own stenciled tiles using some amazing Earthy tones!

Where would you add this stencil in your home? How do you feel about these colors and would you try it yourself?! Comment below with your thoughts! Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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