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HGTV Shoot at Cutting Edge Stencils’ Studio

Cutting Edge Stencils had a very exciting week! At the beginning of the week, we got the great news that HGTV was coming to the studio to film a segment with Sabrina Soto! There were a number of projects around the studio that we had in the works and this was the perfect opportunity to finalize them. With so little notice about the segment, we had to get a lot done in little time so Greg, Janna, and a few other members of the CES team worked late on Tuesday to add some extra flair and stenciling around the studio. We stenciled a rug, a couple of walls, placemats, etc. We used the Shipibo stencil on the rug and the Funky Wheel stencil on one of the walls (both pictured below). Unfortunately, these stencil projects did not make it into the HGTV segment (we’ll explain why later), but be on the lookout for blog posts and how-to-stencil videos featuring these projects in the future!

DIY Stenciled Rug
DIY Funky Wheel Wall Stencil

On Wednesday morning, we added the finishing touches, including two “Cutting Edge Stencils” signs: one in the showroom and one in the production room. The whole morning was hot and sunny…but early in the afternoon, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, and Cutting Edge Stencils lost all power an hour before HGTV was scheduled to arrive! We were unable to get an estimate on when power would be restored in the area, but HGTV was still willing to come and make the segment work based on what natural light we could get from window areas around the studio.

DIY Wall Stencils

DIY Wall Stencils

When the cameras started rolling, the power was still out, so HGTV decided to work the blackout into the story: Sabrina entered the studio and asked Janna why she was sitting in the dark, and Janna explained that we had just experienced a crazy thunderstorm and had lost all power as a result. Once the first scene was complete, the power came back on!…but HGTV was on a tight schedule, so because there was no time to reshoot the first scene, the filming continued in the dark for the remainder of the day in order to stay true to the established story.

Below are some photos from HGTV’s visit! Please excuse the quality of the some of the shots, as they were taken in the dark without a flash in order not to disrupt the filming process.

Stay tuned for details on when the segment will air on HGTV!

Emily and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

HGTV at Cutting Edge Stencils

Janna being filmed sitting in the dark after the storm struck.

Cutting Edge Stencils

Janna and Sabrina Soto from HGTV’s High Low Project

Cutting Edge Stencils

Janna, Gabi and Harris with the crew after the shoot.



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  • biil

    how can i get mine stencil…am in ghana

  • CESteam

    Hi Bill,
    You are welcome to place your order right through our main website :) http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com or you are welcome to contact us via phone and place your order with one of our customer service reps! Hope this helps!

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