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Decorating Ideas Featuring Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2012!

Gabi's brocade stencil featuring Benjamin Moore color of the year

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Why Wythe? Blue is a color associated with peace and tranquility and who doesn’t need a little bit more of those in their life? Benjamin Moore’s 2012 color of the year, Wythe blue, really embodies all of the best qualities of blue; it is soothing, calming and perfect for a DIY project. It also happens to work beautifully with White Dove, another Cutting Edge Stencils favorite and the color we chose for our Gabi’s Brocade stencil pattern tutorial. We decided to use the Gabi’s Brocade stencil in our family room because it is a fast stencil project that any DIY decorator can do. This stencil design makes a huge impact on our feature wall and compliments our Benjamin Moore color selection so nicely. Damask patterns are so versatile and can be used in both modern and traditional style homes depending on the colors and technique used to feature the stencil pattern. Our Gabi’s Brocade feature wall was super fast and easy to stencil and here is how you can get the look:

stencil supplies Whythe Blue Benjamin Moore

Stenciling Supplies 101

Here is what you will need for your own brocade stencil pattern project:

Gabi's Brocade stencil

Placing Your Stencil

When you receive your stencil it is rolled up so make sure to unpack it and store it flat until you are ready to start your feature wall stenciling project.

If you are using our Clip-On stencil level you’ll want to attach it to the top of your Cutting Edge Stencil making sure it sits firmly against the stencils edge. Position and tape your wall stencil in place using blue tape. Make sure that you check your clip-on level to be sure that your stencil is straight. Now you can start stenciling your feature wall! For more detailed stenciling instructions be sure to watch our how-to stencil video tutorials.

Gabi' brocade stencil wall art

The Repeat of your Stencil Pattern

We placed our stencil by eye because the human eye is actually incredibly accurate. Some wall stenciling requires you to layout your stencil pattern and repeat. If you don’t trust your judgement you are welcome to measure out the spacing but this can take a bit of extra time when stenciling your feature wall. We liked the way the Brocade looked in diagonal rows but you can place yours however you like. Sometimes we will use little pieces of blue tape and place them over the entire wall where we would like our wall stencils to be. This way you can adjust the pattern/repeat before you start wall stenciling.

gabi's brocade stencil feature wall

Stenciled Feature Wall

Using the same spacing, stencil your feature wall and voila! If you have stencils that are cut off by a baseboard, ceiling or corner just follow our corner stenciling tips for instructions. We couldn’t be happier with how the Gabi’s brocade stencil looks with our Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue background!. A feature wall with a wall art stencil is a really great way to make a big impact on a room without spending lots of time and money.

Gabi's brocade stencil living room

 Stencil Transformation

So you see how easy this project was? We’re sure you will find this DIY stencil project super fun and rewarding. Want to see more about our feature wall transformation? Check out our how-t0 video:

If your creative juices are flowing and you’ve been inspired to  take on your own Brocade DIY project, this is what you can do:

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