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Flower Stencils Convey Meanings on Your Walls

Plant Beautiful Flower Stencils on your Walls!

Cutting Edge Stencils has a variety of flower stencils to help bring the passion for gardening inside during the cold winter! Flowers don’t always mean, “I’m sorry!” They can symbolize love, appreciation, and respect! Painting your walls with decorating stencils that convey such admiration are a welcoming way to design your home!

Painting flower stencils on walls with Cutting Edge Stencils

We have shown you some pretty amazing craft projects designed with a few of our flower stencils, so now we’re busting at the seams to show you rooms with stenciled flower walls. And, if you’re going to design your walls with flowers, we thought you might be interested in finding out what each individual flower specifically “means.”

Allium Stencils

Let’s gaze upon the gorgeous Allium stencils first! Did you know that Allium Flowers say, “You are perfect and elegant?” Cutting Edge Stencils has three options of Allium stencil patterns to paint your home with: the Allium Gladiator Flower Stencil, which is a single flower on a long stem, the Allium Twins, which is a duet of flowers, and the Allium Grande, which is one large flower head. Choose any of these stencil designs to create a “perfect and elegant” atmosphere in your home!

A few examples of Allium flower stencils used on walls!

In the photo on the above left, Alice used our Allium Twins to add a little flair to her powder room. And, the photos on the right are of a room designed by the writers from Lake Shore Cottage, who stenciled with our Allium Grande!

Chrysanthemum Stencils

Chrysanthemums are a sign of cheerfulness and rest. If your home is feeling drab and busy, you might want to give it a makeover with Cutting Edge StencilsChrysanthemum Stencils! With these painting stencils on your walls, your home  will be sure to emanate happiness and invigoration! Our Chrysanthemum stencil options include three sizes of the Chrysanthemum Grande and the Chrysanthemum Twist!

Two awesome examples of the Chrysanthemum Stencil

Pictured in the above left is a room designed by Bar Blumental, who used the small scale version of the Chrysanthemum Grande! Roxanne Plante designed this delightful deck with the large scale!

Dandelion Stencil

When we’re young, we perceive dandelions as our favorite flowers because we can make a wish and blow around their seeds! We used to pick them out of the ground and present a bouquet of them to our loved ones as a gift! Maybe that’s part of the reason dandelions mean faithfulness and happiness, characteristics that reflect our youth! Cutting Edge Stencils wants you to reconnect to your naive state, and paint your home with our Dandelion Stencil!

Beautiful Dandelion Flower Stenciled Walls

Pictured on top is the nursery designed so elegantly by Melissa Freeman, and on bottom is the electric living room painted by Palma Home Design!

Wake up and smell the flowers:

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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