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Flower Stencil Wall Art with DIY Stencils

DIY Flower Stencil Room Decor

Amy from the blog One Artsy Mama recently completed a lovely flower stencil wall art project using Cutting Edge Stencils! This isn’t Amy’s first time using DIY stencils…she is known for the many projects that she has done with the Casablanca craft stencil! Amy’s stencil-happy home is a great example of all of the possibilities that come with DIY stencils, especially Cutting Edge Stencils’ reusable products! Before Amy’s home got entirely taken over by Casablanca, we suggested that she try out some other decorating stencils of ours. She decided to go with a popular flower stencil – the Zinnia Grande 3-piece set. This DIY wall art triptych is Amy’s first project with her new flower stencil!

Flower Stencil Room Decor

Flower Stencil DIY

Room Decor Stencils

Flower Stencil Room Decor

This fast, fun, and easy DIY room decor project required very minimal supplies! Amy used three 16″ x 20″ canvases, acrylic paint, Cutting Edge Stencils’ Zinnia Grande stencils, a stencil roller, stencil brush, and painter’s tape. To begin this DIY wall art project, Amy first put her canvases next to each other on a plastic table cloth. Next, she began laying out her stencils on her canvases. Following, she loaded her roller and applied paint to her stencils. This was Amy’s first time using a stencil roller on a room decor project with decorating stencils and she was very happy with the results. The stencil roller provided her with a smooth application, even texture, and an easy clean between colors! Finally, once she was done stenciling the stencils that she had initially laid out, she peeled them off and placed them in other places on the canvases to make her wall art  fun and interesting. Amy stenciled medium yellow Zinnias first, and then stenciled extra-small pink and orange Zinnias on top of them. Once all of her flowers were dry, Amy contributed a personal touch by adding the words “Faith, Hope, and Love” across the three canvases.

DIY Wall Art

DIY Decorating Stencils

As you can see, Amy was able to get some great wall art room decor on a budget using DIY decorating stencils! While Amy chose to go with a flower stencil for her wall art project, you can shop Cutting Edge Stencils for lots of other decorating stencils that are just waiting to be used for your next room decor project! Also, be sure to check out Amy’s full blog post and tutorial on this DIY canvas wall art project for even more details and photos.

Interested in doing a similar project of your own? Here’s what you can do next:

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more DIY projects with decorating stencils!

Emily and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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