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DIY Stenciled Headboard Stunners!

Kerry Damask DIY stenciled headboard

Damask Stencil Glamour Decor

I have seen this stenciled headboard all over Blogland, which isn’t surprising since it is gorgeous! Get the same look we found on Better Homes and Gardens with Cutting Edge Stencils’ Kerry Damask. To top it off, the pillows on the bed are stenciled! Shop Cutting Edge Stencils for tons of gorgeous craft stencils to make your own matching stenciled pillows. Check out all of the amazing DIY headboard projects below for amazing tutorials and more!

Rabat Allover stenciled fabric DIY headboard

DIY Stenciled Fabric Headboard Stunner!

Believe it or not, this absolutely breathe-taking headboard was built from scratch by Beckie from Infarrantly Creative blog. She used Cutting Edge Stencils’ Zagora Allover stencil on fabric which she then used to upholster her hand cut headboard! You go, girl! Feeling like you can do it to? Check out Beckie’s how to create a DIY headboard tutorial and go to Cutting Edge Stencils to buy the Zagora Allover stencil.

Trellis Allover stencil DIY headboard

Stencil Modern Headboard Panels

Found on Better Homes and Gardens, these upholstered panels are a great alternative to a traditional headboard. Don’t want to spend loads of money on designer fabric? Use Cutting Edge Stencils’ Trellis Allover stencil to stencil your fabric using any color paint you want! Rather just stencil directly on wood and skip the upholstering step? Simply paint your wooden panels first and then stencil over them for a more rustic look. To browse colors for your DIY headboard project check out the incredible selection at Benjamin Moore Paints.

Better Homes and Gardens upholstered headboard

Large Floral Patterns

Make a huge color and design statement with trendy mustard yellow and a large floral pattern for your headboard. This gorgeous upholstered headboard was found on Better Homes and Gardens. If you want to customize the colors and patterns of your room decor to fit your bedding, stencils are a great DIY alternative. Like the upholstered fabric look? No problem, you can stencil boring scrap fabric or buy some plain inexpensive fabric and make it designer with a Cutting Edge Stencil flower stencil. Be sure to check out our how-to stencil fabric tutorial!

Casablanca stencil DIY headboard

Making A BIG Statement

Take your headboard to the next level with an upholstered ceiling to floor piece. This incredible DIY upholstered headboard was created by Janell of Isabella & Max Rooms. Janell used designer fabric to create this high fashion look but unfortunately the price tag was a bit high as well. Instead of paying $200 for six yards of Bocce Cocao fabric, you can buy Cutting Edge Stencils Casablanca Allover stencil and get the exact same look! If you have light fabric and you just want a darker outline, purchase the Moroccan Dream Allover stencil for the reverse of the Casablanca. Using a $39.95 stencil for this project instead of designer fabric saves you $160!! Furthermore, our stencils are reusable so you can continue to get your money’s worth on many more DIY projects.

Damask Oceana stencil DIY headboard

Stencil Selection Perfection

Could Cutting Edge Stencils’ Damask Oceana stencil fit any better on this wooden headboard? My personal favorite part is how the damask in the center fits perfectly into the peak of the headboard. Bravo Mega Crafty blog for this gorgeous DIY stenciled headboard. To see more of this elegant piece of bedroom decor, be sure to check out Mega Crafty’s how to stencil a headboard tutorial.

Sakura and Butterflies DIY stenciled heaboard

Love the look? Get It With the Sakura Stencil

You don’t need to put in hours of work to add that extra touch of color and design to your bedroom. If you have an old wooden headboard that needs some lovin’ simply pick out a funky Benjamin Moore base-paint color and then use the Sakura and Butterflies stencil to add the finishing touch. The Sakura and Butterflies stencil is gorgeous and just enough to make your space unique and beautiful. Love this look found on Better Homes and Gardens? Order the stencil now from Cutting Edge Stencils and have a whole new look in a matter of hours!

Casablanca wall stencil headboard

Stencil Ideas

How adorable is this bedroom? Tying the blue wall color into the headboard stenciled with the Casablanca Allover stencil was a genius idea and really give this space a designer look. Amy from The Idea Room blog, shows step by step how to get this look from scratch on her DIY stenciled headboard tutorial so stop by and take a look if you are ready to create your own headboard from scratch.

Marrakech stencil DIY stenciled headboard

Stencil, Stencil on the Wall…

For a different approach, why not just stencil directly on your wall? If you really want to create some kind of frame behind your bed, this is a great option. Sarah from Coop Crafts blog used cardboard cutouts to get her stenciled outlines and then hand painted each shape  (beautiful but undoubtedly extremely time consuming). Save yourself hours of labor and buy Cutting Edge Stencils Marrakech Allover stencil to get a very similar look. Plus when you are done with your stenciled headboard move on to the next DIY project like the awesome bar stools Amy from Casablanca Transformation blog created. The possibilities are endless!

Loving this look? Here’s what you can do:

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