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Design an Accent Wall Using Botanical Branch Stencils

How To Create Wallpaper Designs using Branch Stencils

Happy Friday Cutting Edge Stencils friends! Today’s blog post is a super trendy design that we cannot wait to share with you! Have you seen this wallpaper trend that looks like a wall of twigs? We can give you that same botanical branch design as an accent wall for a fraction of the cost! Branch stencils can look gorgeous if stenciled and painted correctly! We have 3 separate branch stencils that can be used when creating this specific accent wall. To follow this wallpaper trend we will be using the following: Lemon Tree Branch stencil, Peach Tree Branch stencil, Pear Tree Branch stencil. Lets take a look at the steps towards painting this botanical branch design as an accent wall!

Let’s say hello to Erika, the stencil guru, as she demonstrates how to paint and stencil this desired wall paper trend using branch stencils! Watch this video for the botanical branch tutorial and then read below the step-by-step process for using branch stencils as an accent wall! Take a look!

These wallpaper designs that are popular now tend to follow the same color trends- greys and off-whites! Keeping that idea in mind, Erika used Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White as the base coat to begin the accent wall. For the stencil itself she used a custom Benjamin Moore grey that you can make yourself using desired paints.

Instead of traditionally taking the branch and angling it on it’s side, we decided the the look would be best mimicked if we built the branches stencils from the baseboard up. Starting at the bottom of the wall she places the first branch stencil down and taped it against the wall (using blue painters tape) to keep it steady.

Using a 4-inch dense foam roller, she lightly applies the paint over the stencil!

To get those hard to reach places around baseboard, use a small stencil brush to pounce the paint on! Again, be sure to use a light coat to avoid bleeding.

Once the branch stencil of your choice is in place along the baseboard, all you have to do is attach similar size branch pieces to the previously stenciled branch.

As you grow the branches and add on to the designs, it may begin too look crowded. To avoid overcrowding and overlapping of the branch stencils, tape off parts of the stencil to create the desired look of a thinner branch. It makes it easier to paint over the stencil without accidentally painting inside the unwanted areas! It’s quick and easy to remove when complete :)

Continue adding the 3 branch stencils up the wall like a growing tree! Once you reached the desired hight (no need to touch the ceiling), you can remove the stencil and let the wall completely dry. Erika did an amazing job creating a botanical branch accent wall from a wallpaper trend. We are obsessed with this look and ready to stencil every wall in the house!!

Where would you add these botanical branches in your home? How do you feel about these colors?! Comment below with your thoughts! Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

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Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!
Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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