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Cutting Edge Stencils’ Girls Pinterest Inspired Mood Boards

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All About the Glamorous Decor

Cutting Edge Stencils’ Administrative Assistant, Diana Carpio, loves anything Glam and interior decor inspired by the clean fresh feel of the beach. “I grew up watching Disney movies and have wanted to live in a modern palace on the beach ever since” says Diana. She loves how metallic paint looks when stenciled in a dimly lit room like in the pins with the Georgian Medallion stencil and the moroccan stencil on the ceiling of a bathroom. At the same time, her dream beach house will be filled with fresh greens like in the Peony Grande stencil and Nagoya Craft stencil pins. “As a real girly girl, I like to keep the glamour in my bedroom and bathroom. As for the rest of my house, I’m happy with neutral tones and the occasional pop of color,” she says when asked about her ideal home. If you want to see more, check out Diana’s full Pinterest mood board.

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Timeless Home Decor

Cutting Edge Stencils’ graphic designer and marketing assistant, Emily McNally, likes to keep home decor mostly neutral with the occasional pop of color.  Her mood board reflects her overall personal style, which she describes as “classic with an eclectic edge.” She chose the Vision Allover feature wall pin and the Marrakech Craft stencil pin because they represent a perfect combination of color and design. “You can tell by looking at my complete Pinterest mood board that I really like mixing the old with the new,” says Emily, “There are so many beautiful antiques that have been passed from generation to generation in my family that I would love to incorporate into my home. I guess I would say my style is Shabby Chic. I want my home decor to be current but to also have that cozy feeling of an old home.”  In addition to her passion for graphic design, Emily’s interests include music, art, fashion, home decor, and interior design. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, she enjoys spending time in New York City and down at the Jersey Shore.

Gabi's Pinterest Stencil Board



Nautical Color and Design Inspiration

Cutting Edge Stencils’ Office Administrator and Marketing Director, Gabrielle Stryker, finds herself constantly drawn to all things nautical themed. “If I buy one more white and blue striped shirt I might set some kind of world record!” She is drawn to many different styles but always seems to go back to blues and whites. “I stenciled my bedroom feature wall with a moroccan stencil in white and blue with a gold framed mirror” she says, “I’m excited to start working on my next project but am trying to experiment with some new colors. Maybe something with an Indian theme, like the Paisley Allover stencil? That would really stir things up!” Be sure to check out Gabi’s entire Pinterest mood board for more inspiration.

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Cutting Edge Stencils’ CEO, Janna Makaeva, loves design from the Arts and Crafts movement. It is no secret that her favorite color is green which makes sense because she is so inspired by nature when it comes to both her stencil designs and her home decor. “Our home is surrounded by the green, blue and brown colors of nature which really has inspired our home decor,” says Janna when asked about what inspires her, “Greg and I have really tried to bring the outside in by choosing very earthy and natural colors for our walls and furniture.” The background of her mood board is actually a photo of her bedroom stenciled with the Casablanca Allover stencil. If you take a look at her pillows, they are made from funky Paisley patterned fabric. “If you walk around our home, there is pretty much something stenciled in every room but it isn’t overpowering. We have the Casablanca stencil in our bedroom, the Gabi’s Brocade stencil in the basement, Kim Myles Ginkgo leaf stencil in the entry way, the Virginia Creeper border stencil in our kitchen and the list goes on! We have really enjoyed incorporated stencils into our home in so many different spaces.” To see more of Janna’s pins, check out her full Pinterest mood board.

Hopefully you have been inspired by the CES girls Pinterest inspired mood boards!

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For more tips and tricks on stenciling, check out the stencil video tutorials on the Cutting Edge Stencils website!

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