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Cutting Edge Stencils: Don’t be a Bore, use Metallic Wall Decor!

If you are looking for that extra bit of glam and style in your room, stenciling with metallic paint is a great option! Combining your Cutting Edge Stencil with metallic paint is super trendy right now and for good reason.  There are so many beautiful shades of silver, bronze and gold metallic paints available  and we recommend trying your hand at  stenciling a feature wall with one of them. You can use a bright gold or silver for an edgy modern look, or tone it down with an antique version for a more subdued and elegant style. There have been lots of inspiring customer photos submitted to Cutting Edge Stencils with beautiful stenciled walls using metallic paints. We are thrilled to share some of them with you!!

Casablanca metallic feature wall

1. BRIGHT SILVER: Stephanie went all out with the Casablanca Allover stencil with a bright opaque silver. By stenciling with a bright silver paint, she added a modern twist to the traditional moroccan patterns and colors used in the rest of the room. It is a great way to keep your decor modern and fresh while still incorporating beautiful traditional patterns.To get a similar look with wallpaper, it would have cost Stephanie at least $100 and the application process is messy and close to impossible to fix if done incorrectly. Using a stencil like the Casablanca for $39.95 is much cheaper and isn’t nearly as much of a commitment. To get a similar look as Stephanie, use Benjamin Moore Affinity- Sea Life 2133-40 as the background color and Modern Masters Silver (ME150 look for it at your local Benjamin Moore store)  as the stencil color.

Diamond Damask feature wall

2. ANTIQUE SILVER: It is incredible what a difference this accent wall makes in this open space. It would have been just a blank white wall, but the Diamond Damask Allover stencil in an antique silver adds warmth and richness to the whole space. This antique silver combines beautifully with the dark gray background and picks up just enough light in the space to keep the wall from being flat and dull. It is also a great metallic tone to combine with a damask stencil because the toned down antique color compliments the more traditional pattern. To get a similar look as Southern Sunset Designs Blog photo, use Benjamin Moore Natura -Stone 2112-40 as the background and Modern Masters Warm Silver (ME221) as the stencil color.

Damask Anna allover stencil

3. ANTIQUE GOLD: Misty followed our basic sponging instructions to create the background on this regal gold and red stenciled wall. It looks like she lives in a palace doesn’t it? Having the gold highlights in the background add the perfect touch of shine and dynamic to this space. To learn how to create a similar sponged background check out our simple sponging tutorial and add a half coverage second layer of sponging with Modern Masters Olympic Gold (ME659). For the stencil color use Benjamin Moore Natura – Strawberry Red 2003-20 for the stencil color.

Rabat allover stencil feature wall

4. BRIGHT GOLD: If you want to use metallic paint but don’t want it to be too flashy, do what Jenny did and use a bright gold metallic stencil color over a flat background color with a similar color and value. This way, depending on the lighting, your stencil will have a beautiful “in and out” look. This look is subtle and very elegant. Jenny did a wonderful job at picking tones that compliment the wood frame around her fireplace as well as the black iron work home décor. Job well done! If you are inspired by this look to get something similar, use Benjamin Moore  Natura Seaside Sand 2110-40 as your background color and Modern Masters Gold Rush (ME659) as your stencil color with Cutting Edge Stencil’s Rabat Large Scale stencil for $37.95.

Zinnia stencil accent wall

5. MIXING METALLICS: You don’t need to just stick to one metallic color either. Why not mix Metallic Champagne with Silver? Feel free to also add in some flat paint colors like black as well. Combining, flat paint with a variety of metallic shades can lead to breathe taking results! Especially if you are working with a wall art stencil like the Zinnia Grande example above, it is very easy to stencil with a variety of colors. To get a similar look as the Zinnia stencil ($19.95) above, use Modern Masters Champagne (ME206) and Silver (ME150) for the metallics, Benjamin Moore Natura Stone Harbor 2111-50 for the background plus Midnight 2131-20 for the black Zinnia.

Whether you are going for an elegant antique look or something edgy and modern, there is a metallic paint color for you! Metallic wallpaper is expensive and difficult to install and as you can see, you can get the same results using stencils for half the price and no messy clean up.

Don’t be a bore, try metallic wall decor : )

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon for more fun posts.


~Gabi and the Cutting Edge Stencils Team

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