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Clip-on Stencil Level

This is our (almost) famous ingenious Clip-On Stencil Level, a ridiculously simple tool that has forever changed allover/damask stenciling. :)

stencil level
If you’re familiar with damask/allover stenciling, then you must know the strain of working with heavy bubble levels, or dizziness that you get after working with blinking red laser levels, or frustration when your stencil gets hopelessly entangled in a plum-bob’s string… We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  ;)

Well, with the invention of the Clip On Stencil Level (pat.pend.)  all these outdated, bulky, expensive and pain-in-the-neck to use devices can be finally put away.

If you’re stenciling a damask, allover pattern, or anything that requires to be level – this little guy is your best friend, trust me.
It clips onto your stencil and securely stays there through your project, and you can oh-so-easily level each of your stencil repeats.

stencil level

Simply slide the Stencil level onto your stencil, (here: Aspen stencil by DPS studio) make sure you push it down so it sits tightly on the top edge of the stencil (which should be always level, because it’s precision cut on the machine), and you’re ready to roll!

stencil level

stencil level

Stencil your motif…

stencil level stenciling

remove…  enjoy!

stencil level

Perfectly leveled beautiful stencil images!

stencils for walls

Easy to use with damask stencils

damask stencil

Clips on to the top, or on the bottom of the stencil… How handy!

damask stencil

Stencil level works with any stencil that requires leveling. For example, this beautiful French Panel stencil:

stencil panel

Or, with this modern allover moroccan stencil called Casablanca:

stencil for walls

Or with this Brocade stencil:

damask stencil

You can get the Stencil Level on our website for your next damask stenciling project. It’s only $12.95!

Stay tuned for more stenciling tips and tricks…

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