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Stenciling Tools and Materials

Video Tutorial: How to Reduce Bleed While Stenciling

Learn how to reduce paint bleed when stenciling with Cutting Edge Stencils. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAKksLM9So8&feature=share&list=UUMSVTU_Agr7z-OcNJnQSUbw

Learn How-To Reduce Bleed While Painting a Stencil Happy Friday, my stencil loving ladies and gents!  So what’s everyone stenciling this weekend?  I’m sure you have grand plans and we can’t wait to see all your stenciled projects come Monday!  But before you jump right into that project, I have some stenciling tips.  You see, […]

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Getting Back To the Basics: How To Stencil Tutorial

Stencil How-To Video Helps Beginners Turn Pro Recently, Cutting Edge Stencils been hearing a lot of feedback from our DIY customers who are saying they are afraid to “mess things up” when they use stencils. Well, if you never try, you’ll never know how great your results can potentially be! So, we thought it might […]

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How To Video: Stenciling A Border

Stenciling a Kitchen Border is Super Simple with Cutting Edge Stencils! Here’s the thing. We don’t want you to be afraid of stenciling. We want you to be excited about how easy it is! We want you to pee your pants with excitement about your freshly painted designs, instead of pee your pants in fear […]

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How To Video: Stenciling a Feature Wall

Stenciling a Feature Wall is Easy Peasy with Our Video Tutorial What’s going on out there in internet land, DIYers?! Today we’re going to take it “easy” and show you one of our most popular and helpful stencil videos (CLICK PLAY ABOVE)! Do you feel like you’re back in elementary school, getting real lucky with […]

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Stenciling Kitchen Decor using the Bon Appetit Stencil

How To Stencil your Kitchen Decor WARNING: This fabulous Cutting Edge Stencils interior paint idea we are about to disclose involves large stencils, kitchen decor and a whole lot of DIY creativity! I hope you’re prepared for the awesomeness that is this kitchen decor painting idea! Patrice, from Lemon Tree Creations, followed a few easy […]

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How-To Clean your Stencils!

Cleaning a Stencil

Want a Squeaky Clean Stencil? Getting your Cutting Edge Stencils stencil patterns as clean as possible may seem like a tedious task to those DIYers who don’t know the best tips and tricks! If you want crisp results with your wall stencils or stenciled home decor, mimic the following instructions once you notice that the paint […]

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Flower Stencil Wall Art with DIY Stencils

DIY Stencils

Amy from the blog One Artsy Mama recently completed a lovely flower stencil wall art project using Cutting Edge Stencils! This isn’t Amy’s first time using DIY stencils…she is known for the many projects that she has done with the Casablanca craft stencil! Amy’s stencil-happy home is a great example of all of the possibilities […]

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Using Top Edge stencil for Damask/Allover stencils

damask stencil

Now that we finished the main walls with our damask stencil, it’s time to fill those gaps in the pattern at the ceiling line. We often use a special top part stencil designed just for that. You can fill those gaps with your large stencil too, but it’s kind of cumbersome, you have to bring […]

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Clip-on Stencil Level

stencil level

This is our (almost) famous ingenious Clip-On Stencil Level, a ridiculously simple tool that has forever changed allover/damask stenciling. :) If you’re familiar with damask/allover stenciling, then you must know the strain of working with heavy bubble levels, or dizziness that you get after working with blinking red laser levels, or frustration when your stencil […]

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Stenciling with stencil brushes

wall stencil technique

Stencils are perfect for DIY decor: easy, economical and fun! You can stencil with a roller or a stencil brush.  Stenciling with stencil brushes is somewhat slower than with a roller, but you can get really artsy with them and have more control. For detailed, multicolored or shaded look it’s best to use stencil brushes. […]

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