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Painting Tips and Tricks from Pros

Video Tutorial: How To Stencil Using an Interlocking Pattern

Video How-To Helps Stencil a Feature Wall with Interlocking Pattern Stenciling an interlocking pattern can be a bit confusing. So to help out, Cutting Edge Stencils has put together a quick how-to video that explains the process rather well (in our opinions)! The key to any interlocking pattern is to figure out which parts of […]

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Getting Back To the Basics: How To Stencil Tutorial

Stencil How-To Video Helps Beginners Turn Pro Recently, Cutting Edge Stencils been hearing a lot of feedback from our DIY customers who are saying they are afraid to “mess things up” when they use stencils. Well, if you never try, you’ll never know how great your results can potentially be! So, we thought it might […]

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How To Video: Stenciling A Border

Stenciling a Kitchen Border is Super Simple with Cutting Edge Stencils! Here’s the thing. We don’t want you to be afraid of stenciling. We want you to be excited about how easy it is! We want you to pee your pants with excitement about your freshly painted designs, instead of pee your pants in fear […]

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Emerald is Pantone’s “Gem” of the Year in 2013

Cutting Edge Stencils' Mermaid Allover Stencil in Emerald

Pantone Chooses Emerald as Color of the Year 2013 Lots of life’s best entities are green: money, nature, Cutting Edge Stencils‘ products; well, those are environmentally “green,” but you get what I’m sayin’! Maybe that’s why Pantone chose EMERALD as its 2013 Color of the Year! I am so thrilled with this choice for sooooo […]

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How To Video: Stenciling a Feature Wall

Stenciling a Feature Wall is Easy Peasy with Our Video Tutorial What’s going on out there in internet land, DIYers?! Today we’re going to take it “easy” and show you one of our most popular and helpful stencil videos (CLICK PLAY ABOVE)! Do you feel like you’re back in elementary school, getting real lucky with […]

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How to Fix Ripped Stencils

Fixing Reusable Stencils Made Simple with Cutting Edge Stencils! Cutting Edge Stencils‘ stencil designs are meant to be used oodles of times without fail! Sometimes, though, even the most durable wall stencils have a breaking point! So, we’re bursting to tell you how you can easily fix your decorating stencils if they ever decide to […]

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Stenciling a Textured Wall with Painting Stencils

How to Project: Stencil Beautiful Textured Walls

How To Project: Stenciling on Textured Walls When using Cutting Edge Stencils‘ stencil patterns on textured walls, you must first take a deep breath and prepare to be patient! Depending on how ridged your walls are and the look you are going for, it is not impossible to stencil them, but it does take time! […]

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Purple: A Color Trend of the Future!

Be Bold, Paint with the Trendiest Purple Colors! Cutting Edge Stencils is ready to embrace up and coming trends in the home interior realm, and we want you to be hip and trendy with us! So, when stenciling in 2013, bear in mind the following! Purple, Purple, Purple! There is no question that as the new […]

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How-To Clean your Stencils!

Cleaning a Stencil

Want a Squeaky Clean Stencil? Getting your Cutting Edge Stencils stencil patterns as clean as possible may seem like a tedious task to those DIYers who don’t know the best tips and tricks! If you want crisp results with your wall stencils or stenciled home decor, mimic the following instructions once you notice that the paint […]

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Think Outside the Box with Wall Painting Stencils

Get Creative with Some of our Smaller Wall Stencils We bow down to the creative ways our spunky DIYers get crafty with our stencil designs. Cutting Edge Stencils is super impressed with how our friends at Uncommon Designs used our Butterfly Stencils to transform a simple garment into a fabulous embellished hoodie. Who says wall […]

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