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Steal The Look: Stenciled Home Decor

We FOUND the Look, Now YOU CREATE It! Hellooo, DIYers! Oh boy, do we have a treat for you today! Mondays might be tough, but we’re about to soften the blow a bit by starting off your new week with this awesome stencil idea! We’ve taken a few pics from Better Homes and Gardens and Etsy, […]

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DIY Magazine Loves Cutting Edge Stencils

Stencils Galore featured in Do It Yourself Magazine! We’re beginning to think DIY Magazine has a little CRUSH on Cutting Edge Stencils; and we’ve got to say, we certainly do not mind the attention! The Spring 2013 issue features two very versatile stencils: the Allium Grande and Aladdin Allover! But don’t worry, we’re not getting big […]

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Differing Stencil Patterns Call the Same Room “Home”

Mix and Match Different Stencil Patterns in One Room! Having trouble picking out which of Cutting Edge Stencils‘ staggeringly gorgeous stencils you want to order for your home? Well, maybe you don’t have to decide. We’ve done a little research about how to use differing patterns in one room to produce quite a bit of […]

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Beautify Your Organizational Pieces with Stencils!

How-To Use Stencils to Make Organizing Beautiful! Hello? Is that you? Quit hiding over there behind your clutter! Yes, you! We can see you pulling your hair out, attempting and failing to keep everything clean and tidy in your home while the kiddies are running around making things messy! You are in definite need of some […]

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Spotted: Polka Dot Stencil Ideas Making a Splash in Home Decorating

A polka dot stenciled hallway. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/polka-dots-stencils-nursery.html

Decorative Polka Dot Painting Stencils Spotted All Over Hola chicas and chicos! Are you feeling bright and chipper on this day full of potential and positivity? If not, then keep on reading to get your daily dose of motivational inspiration! Today, Cutting Edge Stencils is going to show you how to use polka dot painting […]

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Birds of a Feather Are Stenciled Together

Bird Stencils Make Your Home Interior Design Soar Above Others It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Wait, we were right the first time; IT IS A BIRD! Waking up to bird noises in the dead of winter is so much better than being jolted out of bed by an excruciatingly irritating beeping noise from your phone. I was […]

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Stencil Ideas: Design Multiple Rooms in Your Home with Stencils

Paint Your Stencil Ideas in a Couple Different Rooms! Welcome back, my little DIY darlings! Are you excited to discuss a stencil idea that will absolutely blow your creative little minds? Start out by envisioning your home completely covered, from ceiling to floor, from bathroom to kitchen, in stencils! Ok, now take that horribly cluttered […]

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Stencil Ideas: Cooking Up Moroccan Themed Rooms

Moroccan stencil ideas for your walls!

Using Moroccan Stencils to Inspire Your Stencil Ideas Do you smell that? Cutting Edge Stencils is cooking up something real delicious for you home style hungry DIYers! Today’s good enough to eat Moroccan stencil ideas are sure to sprinkle a little culture in your home! Even if you’re not a fan of Moroccan cuisine, I can […]

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Flower Stencils Convey Meanings on Your Walls

Painting flower stencils on walls with Cutting Edge Stencils

Plant Beautiful Flower Stencils on your Walls! Cutting Edge Stencils has a variety of flower stencils to help bring the passion for gardening inside during the cold winter! Flowers don’t always mean, “I’m sorry!” They can symbolize love, appreciation, and respect! Painting your walls with decorating stencils that convey such admiration are a welcoming way […]

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Where Can I Buy Cutting Edge Stencils?

Cutting Edge Stencils Online Vendor Shops

  The Cutting Edge Stencils main website is not the only place where our stencils are sold! We have six other online locations that we invite you to take a look at. Below are brief descriptions of our other vendors, as well as links to their respective Cutting Edge Stencils shops! Amazon: Look for both new […]

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