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Butterfly Wall Painting Stencils Fly onto your Decorative Walls

Decorate your House and Home with Cutting Edge Stencils’ Butterfly Stencils

As you already know, Cutting Edge Stencils is a big fan of all things nature. We have so many tree, vine, flower and animal stencils to choose from, but a few of our frequently overlooked nature-esk stencil patterns that really deserve some recognition are our Butterfly Blooms! Personally, I adore these sweet stencils because I am incredibly fond of the allure and symbolism that butterflies in general convey. They are representative of the beauty of change, and the evolution of beauty! In this sense, they find common ground with stencils, which are responsible for so many home interior design transformations!

Cutting Edge Stencils Butterfly Blooms No. 1, 2 & 3

Butterfly Blooms No. 1, 2 & 3

Cutting Edge Stencils’ Butterfly Blooms Stencils remind me of a kaleidoscope of sorts! The circular patterns feature three rings of butterflies that scale from large to small all within one stencil design. The Butterfly Blooms No. 1 and No. 2 are very similar, however the separating factor is that No. 1 does not have antena and No. 2 does. Simple enough, right? Bloom No. 3 is a completely different butterfly shape all together. Its wide top wings and tiny tails on the bottom resemble the Anise Swallowtail, while Blooms No. 1 & 2 resemble Gulf Fritillaries. All three butterfly blooms come in two sizes:

  • SMALL: Sheet: 16″x16″, Design is 13″ in diameter ($19.95)
  • MEDIUM: Sheet: 20″x20″, Design is 17″ in diameter ($24.95)

All three blooms also come with two small, separate butterfly stencils… FOR FREE!

Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Painting Stencils: Butterfly Blooms

These butterfly stencils have so much potential! They can add such a feminine touch to your daughter’s bedroom, dress up a playful nursery, and provide interest in a freshly styled bathroom! These stencils also look stellar on curtains, atop a circular end table, or painted on your living room throw pillows! Where you paint this stencil is up to you, and so is how you paint it! You can use the blooms as a ceiling medallion, placing a light fixture in the center of the pattern. You can paint the blooms as an allover pattern, stenciling them sporadically along the walls of a room. You can paint each butterfly, or ring of butterflies in a different color! An awesome effect that is totally in trend would be to make the pattern ombre! To do this, you can paint the outermost ring of butterflies a dark color and fade it lighter as you reach the smaller, inner circle of butterflies.

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew



  • I have tried it and, indeed, butterfly stencils have so much potential.

  • CESteam

    Thank you!!
    And yes, the Butterfly Stencil Pattern is one of our favorites.

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