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Beautify Your Organizational Pieces with Stencils!

How-To Use Stencils to Make Organizing Beautiful!

Hello? Is that you? Quit hiding over there behind your clutter! Yes, you! We can see you pulling your hair out, attempting and failing to keep everything clean and tidy in your home while the kiddies are running around making things messy! You are in definite need of some tips on how to organize your life and keep your home beautiful and fun at the same time! Why don’t you take a moment out of your otherwise chaotic day to create a few pretty cool organizational home decor pieces with Cutting Edge Stencils!

Stenciling Organizational Boards

Organize your stuff with stenciled boards like these with Cutting Edge Stencils!

Ever feel like there’s an army of post-its swarming your office? What about all of those “keepsakey” things like concert tickets, homemade cards, and old cherished photos? Are those all just hanging out, taking up space in a “junk drawer” because you have no idea where else to put them? Looking for an easy solution to organize the miscellaneous crap that isn’t really crap but gets dubbed the name crap because it’s miscellaneous? Look no further! DIY organizer boards to the rescue! But plain organizer boards are boring, and you’re more fun than that so your home should be too! That’s why we have stencils!

Jill, from the blog Create Craft Love, stenciled her cork board organizer with Cutting Edge Stencils’ Nagoya Craft Stencil! This was Jill’s first stenciling adventure, and it turned out adorable! First she painted the frame of the board jet black, and then came stenciling the body of the board! She started by taping the stencil smack dab in the middle of the board and rolling on the paint with a foam roller. Then Jill worked outward from there with the design. She says, “I just love how this turned out!  It dresses up this plain cork board and turns it into a functional piece of wall decor!” Awesome!

Nagoya Stenciled Cork Board with help from CEStencils!

Heidi, from Sew Craft Create, created a stenciled organizer board that is half magnetic and half cork! She used Cutting Edge Stencils’ Turkish Tulip Craft Stencil in the medium size for the magnetic side of the board, which was made out of galvanized sheet metal from Home Depot. After the stencil pattern dried, Heidi covered the metal in clear Mod Podge to seal it. This is such a cute way to organize!

Cutting Edge Stencils' Turkish Tulip was used to create this magnetic board!

Stenciled Bookshelf 

stenciled bookshelf is a great way to organize the clutter in your home! You can put really anything in the cubbies, and suddenly your jumbled mess of “stuff” can look neat and purposefully placed! Linda found this awesomely large bookshelf on the side of the road, but you can find similar organizers for cheap at Target! On Linda’s blog, Craftaholics Anonymous, she shows us how she brought a little life and pizzazz to her bookshelf with our Harlequin Trellis Allover stencil design! For Linda’s piece, she opted for a stencil that was simple and not very busy since she’d be putting the organizer in her craft room to hold multiple patterns of fabric material. Linda also only painted one inside section of the bookshelf just to add a slight pop of color, but we suggest trying stenciling the entire piece with a Damask Stencil! This definitely makes organizing a little more fun and a little more fashionable!

Stenciling a bookshelf is easy with Cutting Edge Stencils' Harlequin Trellis Stencil!

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!
Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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