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About our Blog

Hello and Welcome to our Blog!

We’re here to inspire you to create beautiful surroundings for yourself and your loved ones with simple paint techniques and stencils. Being professional decorative artists for many years, we accumulated a wealth of information and all kinds of pro tips and tricks that we can’t wait to share with you! Stenciled DIY projects are fun and easy, and creating stuff with your own hands happens to be so incredibly rewarding.

So why settle for plain, when you can make it fabulous? We spend so much time inside of our homes, let’s make them beautiful! Here we’ll show you how to embellish walls, fabrics, furniture and how to create one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours home decor – without breaking the bank!

For us, this DIY adventure started years ago with us being “project people” who’d rather make things than buy things. From making clothes and musical instruments, to growing our own veggies and fruits, carpentry, cooking and making preserves, painting, decorating and beekeeping – we wish there was more hours in a day!  :)

And all it takes to be able to do this is a desire to improve things, to beautify our environment and to strive to live a sustainable life, where re-purposing, re-using and re-cycling is a way to do things.

With stencils, the door opens to infinite decorative possibilities! All of a sudden you can up-cycle and reuse the old piece of furniture that otherwise was bound for the curb, or give plain inexpensive curtains drama and character, or re-cover old pillows with new trendy designs. And of course you can adorn you walls with color and pattern while bypassing expensive and eco-unfriendly wallpaper! And then comes the best part: a huge sense of accomplishment and the enjoyment of the beautiful fruits of your labor. And compliments, ooos and ahhs, and bragging rights. Yes, you made it, be proud!

So please read, get inspired and create something! Don’t be afraid, after all it’s only paint :)

Creatively yours,

Greg Swisher, Janna Makaeva and Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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