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7 Amazing DIY Flower Stencil Craft Projects

7 Amazing DIY Flower Stencil Craft Projects

We wanted to share some beautiful and creative DIY craft projects that you can do with the Zinnia Grande XS, or any other small flower stencil! These craft projects provide some great decorating ideas that you can apply all over your own house and home. Prepare to be amazed by what you can do for only $13.95!

Create a DIY Flower Stencil Border

DIY Flower Stencil Room Border

One creative way to use flower stencils is to create borders in rooms around your house and home! This cheery Zinnia Extra Small stencil border really contributes some color to an otherwise neutral bathroom. If you aren’t looking to stencil an entire room, or even an accent wall, a flower stencil border is a great way to add a design element to your space without spending a lot of time or money! Be sure to shop Cutting Edge Stencils for the Zinnia Grande XS and lots of other stencil possibilities.

Flower Stencil Lampshades for House and Home

DIY Flower Stencil Lampshade

Looking for a way to make that old lampshade new again? Craft projects can help! This lampshade has a whole new vibe after its flower stencil makeover, and it was a very quick and easy process! There truly is a stencil project out there for everyone, regardless of how much time you have, your budget, or your level of stenciling experience.

DIY Flower Stencil Shower Curtain

DIY Flower Stencil Shower Curtain

There are endless decorating ideas when it comes to your house and home, and craft projects are a great way to quickly make a big impact! Check out this DIY shower curtain, totally transformed by a flower stencil and you can get the same look for less than $20! Adding an element of high-end design to your house and home is simpler than you may think.

Decorating Ideas To-Go

DIY Tote Bag Decorating Ideas

Take your stencil style on-the-go! Update your tote bag with a DIY flower stencil and look cute while you’re out and about. As you can see, the stencil and paint color combinations are truly endless, so be sure to check out Cutting Edge Stencils and Benjamin Moore for inspiration on both for your future craft projects. Also, take a look at our full tutorial on how to stencil a tote bag!

Flower Stencil Placemats

Flower Stencil DIY Placemats

Matching your placemats perfectly with the rest of your kitchen decor has never been so easy! Simple DIY craft projects can totally transform items that are lacking life. The Zinnia Grande XS flower stencil really gave these placemats some aesthetic appeal, and can be used for many different decorating ideas all around your house and home! For more details, check out our full tutorial on how to stencil placemats.

DIY Dresser for House and Home

DIY Flower Stencil Dresser for House and Home

A small dresser can have a lot of flair thanks to DIY craft projects! This dresser was transformed by our Zinnia Grande XS flower stencil, and looks a whole lot more exciting than it did when it was solid white! The colors you choose to stencil with can also really help in tying your room together into a cohesive whole.

Cozy Craft Projects

DIY Flower Stencil Pillow for House and Home

Applying a flower stencil to a small pillow is a great DIY project that can add some extra warmth to your home. Pillow craft projects for beds and sofas are a super easy way to add some personality to your cozy spaces on a budget. How adorable do these pillows look now that they’ve gotten a makeover with the Zinnia Grande XS flower stencil? Be sure to check out one of our older blog posts on how to upcycle your pillows!

Interested in more decorating ideas and DIY craft projects? Here’s what you can do next:

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more budget-friendly DIY decorating ideas for your house and home!

Emily and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew


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